Wine Club

Arterra Vintage wine club, clusters of purple grapes and colorful grape leaves

Vintage Priority

As Arterra gains in reputation, with our limited production of 1,500 cases of wine annually, the Vintage Priority Club is the means to solidify access to the wines you love. As a member you will be invited to pre-release tastings and sales, have access to minimal production wines that are not available to the public, have the option for wines to be held for your convenience, and receive notifications of wines that are about to sell out.

Club members receive 10% of every purchase, 2 free tastings per membership per visit, and the option to choose the wines that fulfill your club obligation. We often host club member-only tasting events after hours where we will discuss our current wines in depth. We also host several cellar tastings throughout the year with a variety of themes relating to our wines and wines from other regions.

Join by purchasing a full case: mix 12 bottles of any wines you choose, with membership discounts applied to the initial purchase.  In order to retain your club status, all you have to do is purchase one case of wine (of your choice) over the course of each subsequent calendar year. Shipping is available on our website.  To join, visit us in our Tasting Room, or email